" take all the hasssle out of recycling; they call when it's convenient for you!"
pile of textiles for collection
We pay you 50p cash per kg
or 60p per kg for groups and organisations!

Welcome to the future of textile recycling

Cash For Clearout specialise in the collection of good quality:-

  • second-hand clothing
  • shoes
  • soft toys
  • bags
  • belts
  • bric-a-brac
  • mobile phones
  • DVD's
  • computer games
  • and electrical items

From North-East England.

You are also welcome to call in to our drop off point.

Whether picked up or dropped off, we pay you cash on the spot!

Just bag up your unwanted clothes, shoes etc. and then book your collection. Either book online, or call us on

07507 827153

We'll pop round on the arranged date and time to weigh your items on our Weights and Measures approved scales.

We'll pay you cash there and then, £5 for each 10kg bag - which soon mounts up!

If you would prefer to drop-off your items, click above to find a convenient location.

Now accepting bric-a-brac @ 30p per kg

mobile phones

Give your phone a new home!

Do you have a bunch of old mobiles gathering dust? Even one or two can be quite valuable - visit the Mobile Phones section to find out how you can put them to good use and earn cash. Do it fast, as phones age, they lose value so get the most out of your old and unused phones today!

mobile phones

Now accepting CD's DVD's and Computer Games!

Have you got games you've played to death? Films you've seen time and again? Music the doesn't float your boat any more? Book a collection and we'll pay you 50p per Kg giving you money and space for the new releases!